This are my grandparents. Grandmas name is Muniba and grandfathers is Hakija. Together they have been for 50 years. At the age of 16 my grandma met my grandpa, who was 24. Three days after they met they got married. Today they are still married through all the troubles that had happen. After they got married they moved to Slovenia (from Bosnia). They came to Slovenia with 3 bags. He found a job and they got an apartment. It was in a very bad shape. Soon she got pregnant. Their child was a few months old when he died. Than Hakija got really burned in the metal factory he was working in. The doctors have just found a new transplant skin procedure and he was okay after a few weeks. She got pregnant again, this time with my dad. She got pregnant for the third time and the boy died at the age of 2. After that she got another boy. She could have 4 boys but she had two. I cant even imagine the pain of loosing two sons. At the age of 30 my dad got cancer for the first time.. he survived. He got it again in two years and beat it for the second time. Through all that my grandma had a mental disease and she had to take a lot of pills and still got a few break downs a year. They are still together.. 50 years. Through all the troubles and he still looks at her whit that caring, loving look. He still falls for her each and every single time. I hate it how couple nowdays break up at just a small bump. Reblog if you want to find your soulmate, your bestfriend.. your forever!! :) Reblog if you want to be that couple that lasts forever. I love you both so much, thank you for being amazing grandparents and the best parents <33333 (i know they are not the best looking couple but they don’t have to be.. they are perfect in eachothers eyes).

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